About NIS Consulting

Photo Building that houses the NIS Consulting office
NIS Consulting was founded in June 2000 by Philip Meersman.

Today, the team consists of a healthy mix of different experts within the IT world, both permanent employees and a broad network of freelancers. This allows us to provide a very wide range of expertise within the organisation. 

Our know-how and customer-oriented services result in the successful realisation of national and international projects.

Our mission statement

NIS Consulting's motto is: your IT, our expertise. We build the ideal IT environment tailored to the DNA of your company. Based on our expertise, we ensure the security, scalability and future-proofing of the IT environment and your data. No surprises, no snags.

How can NIS Consulting help you? 

Every company, whether they’re an SME or a multinational, requires its own approach, with a long-term vision that matches the company's DNA. This also applies to the company's ICT. That's why we pride ourselves on looking at all your projects, networks and work places with the necessary expert care.

The IT world is evolving more quickly than ever. We follow the latest trends, casting a necessary critical eye over them, so your IT strategy remains up-to-date in a professional manner. Our long-term vision and expertise ensure guaranteed quality of strategic products and services. Security is also becoming increasingly important. We have been at the forefront of IT security for years and integrate it as standard in our products and service portfolio.

We will quickly find a well-thought-out solution to your IT challenges and, most importantly of all, we are available to help! Call or email us, and we'll be there for you.

About NIS Consulting

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