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An IT strategy has an impact on your entire business strategy

Alongside a decent business, marketing or other strategy used to achieve your company’s goals, it’s important to also have a thorough IT strategy. NIS Consulting understands better than anyone else how important a well-designed strategy can be. Both from a tactical and operational viewpoint, there are many advantages in deploying a future-proof IT strategy.

Unique, proven method

We know for sure how hugely important a well-developed IT strategy can be for your company – an IT strategy that takes IT security into account, that looks to the future, and is tailored to your organisation. Other processes will also benefit from this, and will contribute to a better business strategy and implementation. 

By both drawing on our many years of experience and by looking to the future, testing different methodologies and closely following trends, here at NIS Consulting we have developed a proven method that we use to determine a company's IT strategy. 

To explain it in brief, our specialist will first carry out an assessment, before a team of experts look at all the possibilities, bottlenecks and opportunities. Based on this, a strategic plan is drawn up according to the organisation's DNA. 

Ask yourself this question: which components do you want to use for the foundation of your infrastructure? 

We translate your questions into a technical IT environment that makes sense within the context of also ensuring efficiency without unnecessarily increasing costs. 

Do you see yourself in that? 

IT strategy ready, so it needs to be rolled out

Once your IT strategy has been defined, it's time to roll it out. We'd be happy to help you. One or more of our employees can support the roll-out of the strategy through short- or long-term project management. 

The best way to explain this approach is to use a case study. 

We have assisted a world player in the beer brewing sector with their hyperconverged infrastructure. Among other things, we implemented a different storage network. 

We deliberately didn’t go for the classic approach with physical servers and storage, but instead went for a system that was more modular and in line with their business strategy. On the one hand, this allows the company to easily modulate in the event of growth, but on the other, it also has a good impact should disaster recovery be necessary. 

Does that mean we always decide to ditch a classic infrastructure? No. For each project, each IT strategy, and each infrastructure that we implement, we always look at the specific needs and budget of the customer. A tailor-made proposal is then always worked out as it’s never a case of one-size fits all. 

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