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Managed services tailored to your organisation

A wide range of managed services and a suitable solution for all possible ICT questions. Here at NIS Consulting, we don’t just rely on our years of experience and our high standards in providing managed services. All of our employees are certified within their field of expertise and offer an excellent service based on our unique approach and methodology.

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Management of your IT Infrastructure

Based on exactly what you are looking for, or what your organisation needs, our role means that we can take care of managing your IT infrastructure. Network switches, firewalls, proxy servers, Windows servers, etc. You name it, we have the expertise.

Service Desk

We will take care of your Service Desk, whether that’s first line, second line, specialists within different branches of the IT infrastructure, a combination of all of them, or simply one of the lines we’ve mentioned. End users, be they internal or external, can come through to us as if they were calling you directly. Each of our employees has the right certifications to do their job to the required level of excellence. They are all experts in their field. 

Does your organisation have a specific need for support outside working hours? We offer 24/7 on-call support for critical solutions. 

Project Management and Project Support

Sooner or later, every organisation will come across an ICT-related project. Whether it's managing the entire project or just providing support for a project relating to your IT infrastructure, NIS Consulting is your reliable partner.

Our experienced project managers and, if you wish, our first, second or specialist support staff will advise and assist you. Our project managers work according to the most common project management methodologies: Prince 2, PMI, Agile. 

Each project is started and followed up with the greatest of care, including all necessary reports and milestones. 


Does your IT team need short- or long-term support? Does your IT infrastructure require follow-up and support in-house, or a combination of in-house and remotely? 

One popular solution we offer is for you to have one of our competent employees working for you in-house for one or more days a week. Different profiles may be suitable in this scenario, for example:

  • Project Manager
  • IT infrastructure architects
  • Support staff (first line, second line)
  • Support by specialists in their area of expertise

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