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Multi-Cloud Services (Private/Public/Hybrid)

"In the Cloud" has been a real trend for a few years now, but did you know that there are different types of Clouds? Previously, you had a choice of either keeping everything physically in-house or placing everything in the Cloud. Today, there are a lot of mixed types, which creates opportunities for both large and small organisations. Which Multi-Cloud Services are right for your company?

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Enjoy all the benefits of Cloud Services at NIS Consulting

Integrating Mixed Cloud Services into your IT policy offers many advantages and opportunities. You will enjoy all the advantages of the different solutions you deploy, but what about any disadvantages? They will no longer be there, because you’ve chosen Mixed Cloud Services. 

What are the different options within Multi-Cloud Services?


The name ‘private cloud’ says it all: you have your own IT environment in the Cloud, which is completely isolated from other organisations. 


With Public, it’s a similar story. Again, it’s all in the name. Your IT environment is not completely isolated from other organisations. In short, you share the underlying structure, but data is obviously not exchanged. This budget-friendly option provides a secure solution, which we can ensure. You don't need a local hardware or application infrastructure, which would also need to be maintained. Big savings can be made if you choose Public Cloud Services. 


If, on the other hand, you choose a Hybrid Cloud solution, you choose the best of both worlds. With this, you use a combination of services in a public cloud with local software. More specifically, this means that communication is possible between the various cloud services. 

A hybrid strategy provides more flexibility. Workloads can easily be moved between different cloud services, depending on the needs of your organisation and the budget you have in mind. With a hybrid cloud solution you also have more control over your data. Sensitive data can be written locally in a private cloud, but you can also take advantage of the systems and benefits of a managed public cloud. 

NIS Consulting takes care of your requested Multi-Cloud Services from start to finish, from the advice stage to the final result, and of course any support on top of that. Contact us today for an initial meeting, so that together we can see exactly what your organisation needs. 

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